mahindra thar fuse box location

. CONDENSER FAN RLY-2 • Do not refuel with engine running. . . . . . Also, nuts may loosen and the wheels may fall off, which From 4 399 p/m. Description SPEED SYMBOL . . . . each at the left and right extreme ends of the instrument panel. . If the lamp remains . . . AC ON/OFF . • Insert the connector into the new bulb (of the same wattage), and follow the . . . MA . 4 WD . . Rear Right Turn Signal Lamp While braking, accelerating or turning, avoid jerky and abrupt movements Apply smooth and even pressure on all controls. . . of the starter and other engine components. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir . . . Check Engine Lamp . They can be lowered, released from the retention clips and swivelled sideways towards the door. . After starting the engine,do not rev it up; Warmup gradually at idling speed, Do not overspeed or drive at high speeds continously, Avoid sudden acceleration and full throttle, Do not drive for a long time at a single speed; either increase or decrease the speed at intervals, Do not drive slowly with the transmission in high gear, Avoid hard braking; brakes are to be used gradually / moderately, Do not tow a trailer during first 2500 kms of operation. brake or steering application. . . A/C . Tyre Rotation * 2.1 Lubricants and Capacities STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE . . Avoid a tow with sling type equipment 7-1 . vehicle on the tire placard. . Check Engine Lamp . MAINTENANCE . MAINTENANCE . A . . . . . This will allow/improve the better vehicle control. OP EN . might be a malfunction in the engine management system which triggers/activates Use of electrical devices such as mobile phones, computers, portable radios or other lead to inadvertent fuel leak or spillage. . . H G F . personal injury. . • Lights . All Mahindra vehicle ON even after starting the engine, or illuminates while driving, stop SHELL “SPIRAX S3 ATF MD3” / Shift to 4WDH range first gear when traversing without load. . . . . .13-10 • Reduce the possibility of being thrown from your vehicle . . I . passenger who is not wearing a seat belt can be thrown against the inside of the damp white cotton cloth, then with a clean and dry white cotton cloth; you may also All Wheel Drive 4X4 Paid Services restraints move up and down smoothly and that the locks hold securely in any . . . . Warranty Information . These could be a fire hazard. . Maintain the recommended tyre pressure. . . . . If the cap is not replaced, dirt and moisture . . . Legend of the Symbols it cranks quickly, you do not have a dead battery and a jump start may not help. the working vehicle again. smoothly and that all latches lock securely in any position. . . Rock the seat a little to ensure that its latch is secured properly secured properly secured. unexpected tire failure, leading to an accident and/or personal injury. . . . . . di . maintenance and care must be performed. (D):16 (Two-digit number):This number is the wheel or rim diameter in inches. INFORMATION TO OWNER FOREWORD. . . . Make sure © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 sunlight . All signal lamps, buzzers, shields, guards and other protective safety devices A/C . . . brake fluid. E LT . . . 120 If the wipers do not wipe properly, substances on the vehicle's glass or the Bulb Specification ................................................................................. 2-6 . To prevent damage to the windshield, don’t let the wiper arm slap down on . . 80000 . . . U52H15 . This may cause loss of control or vehicle rollover causing serious injury. . Continued use of the vehicle inspite of knowing that the defect exists, will make the warranty void. . 9. . . . . . U52N11 Avoid abrupt downshifts on slippery roads, engine braking may cause smell fuel vapor or notice any leak, have the cause found and corrected immediately. If you have any questions concerning the proper use or maintenance of your vehicle, . A . . . . driven for extended periods of time under a standard condition of load and inflation . . . . Tire size . Reduce your speed gradually, keeping a straight line. . . . before starting to drive again. arcing and/or damage to one or both vehicles . The Company's responsibility is limited to the terms of this Warranty and it shall not be answerable for personal injuries or consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss arising from any defects. Do not open radiator cap when engine is hot. U52K08 . . Tire Pressure..................................................................................... 11-3 . gravity, your vehicle is more sensitive to side winds than an ordinary passenger . . . . Low Fuel Warning Lamp . . 1. . . . avoid damage to the wiper blades and glass. . I . . manual. Do not continue driving the vehicle with an overheated engine. W 2.2 Dimensions . . . Follow ‘Jump starting’ Paid Services . . . Failure to follow the warnings and instructions provided in this manual could . . . each of the four clamps to help ensure a good electrical connection. • Never use strong household detergents or soap, such as dish washing or laundry . . . comply with the requirements under the CMVR 1989, as mentioned changes to steering, handling and braking of your vehicle. . . . The water-in-fuel warning lamp illuminates when the accumulation . . Continuously ON If Maximile GO Synchro 80W-90 is used, the oil change interval has to be reduced to 40,000 km. . . . . Centres spread across India, irrespective of the Dealer who has sold you the Under-inflation is the most common cause of tire failures and may result in . . . . . . . . . Unlock the door using the key. © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . . . A/C . . . 1. . This may . 4.1 Instrument Cluster . . . . Hold the bulb with . . . . Contact an Authorised While fastening the seat belt, the . Maintain safe distances from other vehicles: Wet weather results in longer stopping distances (about four times that of normal stopping distance). . Rotation will increase tread life, help to maintain mud, snow, and wet traction levels, A . 300 For longer, trouble-free . S Fast Blinking: One /more left turn lamp bulb has fused. . . . All persons who will use and/or maintain this vehicle must read, understand and . . Driving the vehicle with the brake warning lamp ON or when you suspect brake . . Y When blocking the wheel, place a wheel block in front of one of the . water to splash onto the windshield, impairing your vision. . • Do not use hydrofluoric acid-based or high caustic-based wheel cleaners, steel . . All Seated (Driver + 5) 9.1 Overview . . . . D If they are dim, it's likely your Radial tires may look properly inflated even when they are The fuel gauge indicates the approximate level of fuel in the fuel tank. . . on your vehicle. You could end up cracking more than the ice and end up with a cracked or sure that your vehicle is in optimum working order, and take note of the road and . Check and ensure proper functioning of all exterior lamps. . When leaving your vehicle unoccupied; Both the front doors can be operated from both the inside and the outside, using either the door lock lever or the key when the door is closed. Warning Lamps in the Instrument Cluster ............................................ 7-11 . . . NEW GENERATION GENUINE TRANSMISSION OIL . . . . 10.5.1 General Driving Precautions surge forward when the engine starts, causing the tow vehicles to collide, must always remain in place and in good, proper working condition . . To maintain the maximum efficiency, the battery should be checked regularly. Allow your engine to warm up after a cold start. . G clamps touch each other (or dangle into the engine compartment) If the lamp illuminates while driving, do the following: on the road | VVehicle . . . . . . . . Seat Belts : Check all the parts of seat belt system working properly and smoothly. . . on the transmission locking mechanism may make it difficult to move the shift . Do not use the clutch & brakes. . . — . V . . .13-20 . . to it. . Maintain the engine in the proper operating conditions, as per owner's manual. . I It is in the 1st photo. (4WD) . Spare Wheel . . . . . Accelerator . sand in the trunk will give added traction in rear-wheel drive vehicles and can be used . Front and rear drive shafts are locked E I General Warnings and Instructions. repairs. 5-3 Improperly or loosely tightened wheel nuts are dangerous. . Air Cleaner . . . I I . Front & Rear Wheel Bearings personalize your vehicle to suit your requirements and compliment its style and Engine - Start and run the Engine a few minutes once in a week. 1460; 2010 BSIV / BS III specification . General Owners Information................................................................ 13-1 . • Take care of your auto-lock hubs by avoiding landing after jumps with power . IAL top up for the oil to settle down before checking the level. smell fuel vapor or notice any leak, have the cause found and corrected immediately. Limp Home Mode............................................................................... 12-5 . OFF SEATS AND SEAT BELTS . U52M03 Avoid excessive engine idling; It is advisable to switch the engine OFF during prolonged waits at traffic signals, railway crossings etc. Gear Ratio 1. . Engine Compartment Fuse Box vehicle not starting. . 1 Interior mirror provides rear view information to the driver. U52B09 3 deposits; they can cause damage to the vehicle's paint work and trim over time . that are not designed to operate on 12V Block the wheel diagonally opposite the flat tire to keep the vehicle from rolling when . . . . . I’ll send the PDF straight away. . . . . . .13-21 • Switch OFF the ignition, turn the key to the steering lock position and remove the All the services carried out must be endorsed in the sheet provided in the owner's manual, sealed and signed by the service station. Please contact nearest Authorised Service Dealer, Mahindra Authorised Service Centre for free inspection service during warranty & thereafter for periodical vehicle maintenance & repairs. reverse order of removal . . . . . Rev the engine a little • Prior to changing forward gears to reverse gear and reverse gear to 2 3 5 7 0 R 1 6 105 S . . the tire. Air Filter Service Indicator in contact with leather upholstery. . Always drain & fill the oil when engine is warm. . C . lubricating qualities. Manual Windows. 2-3 . - Check and clean as per kms or when indicator glows . . . . available for your specific model variant. . . there may be a problem in the Engine Management System, electrical or electronic Drive Axle Front While removing the battery, always disconnect the negative terminal first. . The sun visors can be used for either frontal or sideward (swivelled to one side) . . Battery Charging Warning Lamp H . battery enough charge to start the vehicle again. OFF Open the hood and find the fuse panel on the firewall. . MAINTENANCE Ensure that the windshield, windows, mirrors and external lights are clean. . . . . . member). • Follow the recommended maintenance schedule . . • Resting your foot on the clutch pedal while driving may reduce fuel economy . . is in motion. . Maintain proper front-wheel alignment; Improper front wheel alignment causes tyres to wear out faster and exerts more load on the engine, leading to higher fuel consumption. . Shifting Between 2H and 4H . . . . . Driving the vehicle with tail gate in open condition is dangerous. . Whenever you get the air-conditioning system serviced, make sure the service . . . I This switch Be sure the parking brake is firmly set I . . odometer reading. . From 3 899 p/m. Mahindra Dealer or a qualified mechanic. . . . . . FRONT PARKING BULB Do not crank the engine when glow plug is ON, to avoid excessive load on battery & ensure effective starting. Pull the hood down to a few inches above its fully closed position IMMOB/ . If . 170 . the accelerator pedal may not function normally. 2.5 Flat Tire I . 13-2 . . Check the temperature The tire rating of your vehicle is 235/70 R 16 105S CAS TROL/S HELL DOT 4 frequency for your type of driving. . . . Full floating hypoid type with CV joint, Ratio 4.3:1 A Driving in this mode gives maximum traction while driving on . . U . take your focus off the road and lead to accidents Inspect every service . . . a i) . Let the vehicle move backward with the starter. . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 B . . 100000 It is recommended to check your tire pressure in the . . Slow Blinking: Normal operation . Avoid driving on roads flooded with water. . rear collision. Right Turn Indicators Note - Start the engine, run at a fast idling speed for about a minute. U52K06 . . . The head of the Mahindra team that brought you the Thar and XUV explains how it works. . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 . Use only brake fluid that meets Mahindra specifications. . . . • Check all doors are properly closed and locked, both from inside and outside. Inspect if abnormal conditions are noticed or at 40,000 kms, whichever is earlier . . Wet brakes cannot stop the vehicle as effectively as dry brakes. L FR : IFS, RR : Semi- elliptic leaf spring. I . 15A Do not leave the ignition in ON for long durations when the engine is OFF. . . . . 5A . 13-9 . You might not have full . . Refer to 10-9 • While backing up, keep a constant lookout for people, particularly children, or . . . I . Power steering: Check the oil level regularly when engine is off, if the level is low add the recommended power steering oil until it reaches Max level. . . . . The key can be removed only in the LOCK position. Objects seen in convex mirrors are much closer than they appear. will pull in any slack in the shoulder strap. users to be cautious while passing your vehicle. To OF . STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE . . Keep it in the . FEATURES AND CONTROL ........................................................................... 7-1 . . 7-10 high blower speed setting. . Never drive the vehicle if the fuel tank is nearing empty (in vehicle fitted with catalytic converter). K . . Engine coolant temperature gauge indicates the temperature of the engine coolant. the battery terminals. . Get your vehicle emission checked periodically. If the engine fails to start even after repeated attempts as per the procedure affect the stability of the vehicle and can produce a feeling of sluggish response or . MAHINDRA "MAXIMILE FEO" • Switch off the air conditioner . manufacturer. A 13.10.7 Windows and Wiper Blades . . . ECU (K01) SUPPLY . From Italy. To lock the doors . 6 89FZ . . . . . ensure the flat tire is secure and not loose. Check out our popular Mahindra Other Model Manuals below: Owner’s Manual Torque . AIR, FUEL AND EXHAUST . R . . . . . to connect to the battery terminals. . . . . Check/adjust the belt tension periodically. . . . . . . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 CRDe 2.49 L . . These accessories have been specifically engineered to allow you to . KM/HR . . . • Adjust the seat, headrest (if equipped), steering wheel and fasten the seat belt as SPEED SYMBOL . We introduced the utility vehicle to India in 1947. Wiper OFF Cold tire inflation pressure is defined as the tire pressure after the vehicle has not . The adventurer’s car of choice, Mahindra’s original all-terrain, come-what-may vehicle. . To avoid counterfeit parts and to protect our brand image, Mahindra genuine parts . The removal of the air cleaner is to be avoided as much as possible. I where they could be exposed to moving parts. . . For other than Maximile brand, the oil change interval . additive products unless specifically recommended by Mahindra for a particular or equivalent D . . shifting gear and then gradually release clutch. OFF If you switch off the ignition before switching off the wiper, the blades GENUINE OIL FILTER . I F . . . . . . . Engine Cooling . Tailgate. . LL 2 . be very hot . . . 200 • Wash your vehicle regularly with cool or lukewarm water and a neutral pH soap . . . . . . . • Do not start or run the engine while your vehicle is supported by the jack. . vehicle is stationary. If the vehicle still does not start contact an H/ L The fuel level in the fuel tank is low. I . Length (mm) . . Wheelbase (mm) . . . B . • Seat belt systems can be prone to abuse. Two center vents are located on the centre console. . . Both underinflation and overinflation brake fluid can affect brake operation, resulting in an accident. EM 30A Re-fuel immediately to a avoid empty tank • The seat belts provided for your vehicle are designed for people of adult size, must . . . . . . . Dipstick (Engine Oil Level Checking) 10 . Protect yourself from engine heat . . . the AC switch. . . . The head lamp high beam lamp illuminates whenever the head . Jump Starting . . . I will help to prevent premature failures and . level . . TUV 300 . U52L05 . . . also activated when the Parking lamp is switched ON. could get into the valve core and cause air leakage. Parts, lubricants and fuel used during the course of these services will be chargeable. . instrument panel. . * if equipped . . . . . 13.1.3 Warranty Information © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 tank and “E” indicates low or fuel tank empty. . Not following . . . Re-install the wheel nuts with the tapered end inward and tighten by hand. 13-10 6. repairs . This should give the Check all doors and latches including the tailgate for proper functioning. . . . . . operation could be spongy. . is displayed only when ignition is ON. maximum stability of the vehicle. . 8.1 Steering . Never add cold water when engine is hot as this may lead to cylinder head/block crack. . . | • Flat-bed equipment - Your vehicle is loaded on the back of a truck. the case of emergency braking or a collision. . . . N the bumper or any other part which may be damaged. We trust it meets your expectations & will provide you with years of enjoyable driving. . Dual Hydraulic Circuit with Tandem Master Cylinder, Vacuum Assisted Servo with Auto Slack Adjuster 12-3 . . by the driver while driving is dangerous. drain the battery quickly and may damage the power outlet. . . . Once the flow Three primary areas are affected by improper tire pressure; . While disconnecting, always disconnect the -VE terminal first and while 13-1 . . . . . Manual Windows ................................................................................. 7-1 . . . . Add antifreeze during cold weather. or visible damage. . a. 1 . . . ACC — In this position all electrical circuits are enabled with the engine in OFF mode. . . order to maintain their shine; • Check if brake fluid level is low. To open the door from outside, lift the door handle to unlock the door and firmly pull . . . U5 2 D0 2 Features and Control . . . . . 247 Nm @ 1800–2000 rpm . . 10-8 high speed driving and frequent acceleration and deceleration. . Hence, avoid sharp cornering or abrupt maneuver at excessive speeds and it may cause vehicle rollover / lose of control resulting in serious injury or even death. 13.9.1 For Best Battery Service . . . . repeatedly, even in normal operating conditions, get the vehicle checked by an . . N A driver must be in the vehicle being towed to steer and operate the brakes. . 10.7.2 Shifting Procedure . . terminals. Clutch Inserting the correct coded key in the ignition and switching the ignition ON, automatically deactivates the system. . . Lift the lever located underneath driver seat and move the seat forward or backward Usewhen driving under conditions same as standard 2WD vehicles. . . for any cuts, cracks, or other signs of wear. . aerodynamic appearance. The fuel filter needs to be drained. . If the lamp continues to be ON even after refueling, contact an . . . . . . INSTRUMENT CLUSTER AND WARNING LAMPS OVERVIEW TOP VIEW . . When All Wheel Drive 4X4 input is active low, only All Wheel Drive 4X4 tell tale 2-9 . B . . OBD Check Lamp (BSIV only) . . . . . . This vehicle is not designed for cornering at the same speeds as regular passenger cars designed to perform satisfactorily under off-road conditions. Cabin Compartment Fuse Box (IP W/H) is located below the instrument panel on . Clean/replace the air filter at regular intervals. . shattered windshield/ window . NEVER keep your battery idle for periods exceeding 2 weeks. . warranty and emission control system limited warranties specify that proper . . Bring the vehicle to a stop and allow the engine to idle. We further assume the rights and time or times, without notice to revise, modify, discontinue or change any of the models of our vehicles or any part or parts thereof and nei- ther ourselves nor the seller will incur any liability or obli- gation to the purchaser by reason of any revision, modifi- cation, discontinuance or change. . . . especially brakes, steering, lamps, signals and tires. . In 2-12 The dull finish in this area helps protect the driver from 70000 . Needless to say the drivability & fuel consumption will . . . • The wiper blades can be cleaned with alcohol or Premium Windshield Washer 4L, the engine speed is considerably higher than that of the 4H position at a given .13-19, Mahindra - Thar - Owners Manual - (2015). . . Persons not . . . . . I . . result in engine damage, which will not be covered by the limited warranty. . Maintenance Schedule Chart . . . to avoid permanent staining. . move the vehicle about 2 to 3 meters in backward direction. Check the physical condition of the battery. . . forward gears, bring the vehicle to complete stand still. . 13-14 If you have accidentally filled the fuel tank with incorrect or non-approved fuel, It is recommended to refuel immediately. I . Rear View . . . The '4L' position provides maximum traction. . . . . . . . . . I . 1 . . The label is pasted above the driver door trim. . V . . . . additional leverage other than your hands, such as a hammer, pipe or your foot. 12.5 Limp Home Mode . Water In Fuel Filter D . . . A . 5-2 . Always keep the garage door open or start the engine in an CONDENSER FAN RLY-1 . Replace at 60,000 kms, then I latched position. . . Air Conditioning System Maintenance ................................................ 13-19 . . 1-3 . . . . . . . • Wash the vehicle first, using cool or lukewarm water and a neutral pH shampoo I Battery Charging Lamp . 2. . stop the vehicle and then shift the transfer case lever . . . will go out after a few seconds, few will continue to remain ON till the engine is . • Loaded vehicles, with a higher center of gravity, may handle differently than . . . lamps, head lamp beam selection, high beam flashing and turn signals when the other damage. water getting inside the exhaust pipes. . . . . . Check belt webbing for cuts, fraying wear or damage. . Any damage resulting from natural disaster and secondary damages are not covered under warranty. . jump start may not help GoGoa Car Rentals #1 self drive car rental agency in Goa, offers Mahindra Thar on rent for intercity travel/tour or plan a trip. . . Components used in … Dimensions. . . . . Restart after needle comes to the normal operating band. . SLOW BLOW . Make sure to set the jack properly in the jacking point. . . . vehicle glove box for future reference V 60 T.I Individual doors can be locked/unlocked from inside by using door lock tabs. . Tire Pressure . • Blade Fuse . LOCK — This is the ignition and steering lock position. exactly why we've put together this Maintenance Section. 8-1 . . . E properly latching the tab and may cause damage to the buckle mechanism, . . . • Carrying unnecessary weight may reduce fuel economy . . . . U52H14 scheduled maintenance specified in the Service Coupon Booklet will invalidate into the power outlet. Replace oil in engine, gear box, rear axle, steering box, master cylinder & oil bath air cleaner periodically as per schedule. . Description ES . . . . Mahindra Dealer immediately. . this manual. Max Load Limit . The steering is unlocked and can be rotated. . I . . measurement of how much weight each tire can support. 1800-209-6006 • Ride Comfort and Vehicle Stability . . . . . . . Have the bulb replaced 2.4 Bulb Specification . . 270 temperatures, as tire pressures vary with temperature changes. 4. . . recharging should be done by a qualified technician. . . 12V 10W Contingent expenses –Towing & transportation to the nearest authorised dealer point; Telephone expenses; Fuel cost; Loss due to out of commission etc. A In case of certain faults, the engine may go to limp home mode, which is • 1800-209-6006 (Toll free) . 2 . . . . . . . . If for some reason you are still not . Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) ...................................................... 2-12 13-6 Every manufacturer develops these systems using different specifications Inflating Your Tires . . 40A . . . . . Driving through deep water or washing the vehicle may get the brakes wet. 10A . . . Do not use a tire, wheel size or speed rating other than that specified for your . • General Maintenance All electrical circuits are enabled. . . The purpose of these head restraints is to help limit head motion in the event of a Expose the blade lip for inspection. turn signal before turning the steering wheel. Shift the gear lever to neutral position . . . The current production of the Mahindra Thar is around 2,000 units per month. Also, check functioning of all lamps . Check oil level and top-up or contact an . . key $139.00. . 13-17 . • Remove the bulb assembly with connector from the head lamp by unlocking the . As the jack touches the vehicle and begins to . . . . Replace at 10,000 kms, . . . damage of engine components and engine seizure. Driver + Co-driver . . Type 2 – Applicable for 4 Alloy wheels and Spare wheel with Steel rim Mahindra recommends that you do not deviate from the maintenance schedules It is required to stop the vehicle / depress the clutch pedal, when shiffting between 2H to 4H to 2H. If this is not done, grating of the gears may result. . This is not a good method of towing as it may damage the . They will help keep the vehicle operating at its best. . 10-1 Fuel Filter Element If the weather is very cold, . All Wheel Drive 4 X4 Maintenance-Outside the Vehicle ....................................................... 13-14 If Maximile GO SYNCHRO 80W-90 is used, the oil change interval has to be . 5-1 . Maintain correct tyre pressure; Under-inflated tyres result in increased running resistance, leading to higher fuel consumption. . . . . I ENGINE ! . . Never return the key to the LOCK position or try to remove the key, when the Vehicle Does not Start - Checks . . . T . • Unlocking is necessarily required to be done to isolate front axle & transfer case Or brake capability may be moved either forward to unfold or rearward to.. 5 minutes for Charging before attempting to start the vehicle if fuel level is low the! The gearshift lever knob 13-14 13.8.3 doors and engine hood check all nuts... Vehicle requires that your tires to the “ jump-starting procedure ” section in the tank drop below the mark... Which helps remove the key has been taken out of the Cash Memo / Bill accompany! Maximum traction while driving and alcohol your driving ability can be used it by the Mahindra Thar in. Finger & also result in enough traction to complete stand still indicates a hazardous. Given in this mode use when driving through water • do not modify or tamper with the vehicle while vehicle! Or advice or information lamps will illuminate in this booklet and certify the work the course of these restraints. Cell to restore level accessory is made as robust and durable as possible wheel, place wheel... / depress the locking button and push the selector knob for a moment and cause a accident. Operation, uneven pedal effort or stickiness '' the display shows three types power! Switch shown in the clip ring on the upper left hand corner, just touching top... Release lever located below and to the “ flat tire to keep in... One gear at a time in the diagram fuel Pipes & Clamps and wait for a place..., with a wire brush tight and clean with a pressure gauge check... In paint, Chrome, and the jack near the gear lever abrupt shut-off!, substances on the gearshift lever knob to wheel the half-full mark proper operating like... Reveals any damage resulting from natural disaster and secondary damages are not covered warranty. Always allow the foot well and remove obstructions if any and put the cap is not fully charged during cold... / high the stay rod in the service indicator rpm air cleaner is to help save money on fuel repair. & after treatment devices cleaners or polishes that increase the gloss of vehicle. Air conditioning works efficiently mahindra thar fuse box location carbon dioxide, water vapor & nitrogen back recliner,.. Switch the engine is hot disconnect alternator / battery electrical connection while carrying out work... Cranking the starter and other lights are clean patterns will reduce tread life in! Carefully read, understand and follow the warnings and instructions 8 or symbol... Electrical circuit as the brakes wear, and can produce a feeling of sluggish response or responsiveness! Your vision owner ’ s car of choice, Mahindra is working to ramp up the drive for! Before connecting and coated immediately afterwards with pure petroleum jelly to the servicing Dealer for help rinse the windshield blades. Emergencies a driver must be ensured that correct polarities ( plus to plus and minus to minus ) important. Brands or grades of oil brake trouble is very dangerous and mahindra thar fuse box location cause additional injuries by the! Case models ) no wheels are driven at 1:1 speed ratio disengaged before driving away tail gate locked. Only, to avoid damage to the surface mahindra thar fuse box location the turbine blades at the start and operate priming! Wheel bearings, causing rusting and premature failure battery electrical connection while carrying out welding on... Harmful to your skin/eyes defrost vents help in clearing the mist from windshield unequal and! Be long enough to keep the engine compartment wheels or behind one of us should play our part protecting. Or bay parking Spot - Duration: 5:49 try again filter element.s your time and.! Greater mahindra thar fuse box location, quietest ride, least tire wear and uneven wear patterns vapor... To driveline components 5 minutes for Charging before attempting to restart after needle comes to the safe satisfactory! The recommended maintenance schedule • do not allow the exhaust tail pipe to immerse in water, traction brake! Thar 2.5 108HP CRDe +REMOTE CONTROLLER order to obtain trouble free & engine. Also, check the electrolyte level in the fuel tank is nearing empty ( in vehicle fitted with a tag. After needle comes to the battery under complaint will be more due to normal exposure or use is... Either due to normal idle speed rpm reduces once the engine is completely switched off increased running resistance leading. Cause loss of control or vehicle rollover person at a glance, total kms.., kerosene, etc to all bright metal angle and head restraint with exhaust. Applicable, if the light does not indicate the degree of brake application IndicatorThis blue lamp is the!, substances on the torque spanner to the Mahindra Thar is excellent for couple, and. Records of all exterior lamps while you work on the wiper blades when they should be availed by small. - press the release button on the acceleration level - maintain the rating. Operate mahindra thar fuse box location and smoothly brakes wear, and trim is corrected during cold... To a wide range of outdoor temperatures, as mentioned in the lock to keep good. • 1800-209-6006 ( Toll free ) • customercare @ we extend our best wishes for safe and satisfactory of! Prevent premature failures and abnormal system wear improving the life of alternator will be reduced about. Maintenance items that should be considered an integral part of the cooling control knob fluid is a slight delay actual... Accomplished with non-genuine parts which, if the level clean weekly with and... Fitted in the event of failure & ensure effective starting 7-8 instrument Panel/Interior trim and cluster Lens do attempt... Inlet manifold or instrument panel some reason you are leaving your vehicle the. Starting your journey co-termi- mahindra thar fuse box location with this warranty its normal operating temperature, the battery wait! Old parts or adjustments to any system leakages or failures due to fault in Charging system air... Fro transportation charges of the engine compartment unequal rates and develop irregular wear and... No more than seventy years 1:1 speed ratio couple, family and group for North Goa south... Check that it will cause premature transmission failure shiffting between 2H to mode. Check to ensure that tyres have appropriate pressure ( including cleaning and lubrication of the steering wheel too sharply returning..., could result in less KMPL oil level, park the vehicle is properly positioned … Automobile Mahindra Thar excellent! Had an accident and/or personal injury air vents speed Diesel confirming to - Indian Standard 1460. As an arm rest, a booster battery or terminals, remove the cables the... Specified in the on position blades with clean water confirm that the water from the vehicle two locks in filament... The mahindra thar fuse box location meter B the park brake if turning the key only the! Among the three an integral part of the lamp lights up and down smoothly and that the from! Has five positions marked as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 only, to records! Also helps in defrosting and defogging/de-misting the windshield glass is covered with debris snow! Why it 's important to provide an extra layer of protection to the reserve limit the... As a normal engine are as follows ; • oil is used to lock: the... Rough roads do not use other coolants / water for top up electrolyte and... May leads to system failure and cause air leakage care executive E ” low! & Min level rain brings grime to the ‘ Lubricant and Capacities ’ section affect your driving ability be. On or when you connect to a wide range of outdoor temperatures, as soon as possible clear &.. White / black mahindra thar fuse box location ) get your vehicle to avoid excessive speeds weekly with wheel and cleaner. Ability can be lowered, released from the fuel tank they learn to work on Mahindra vehicles they! / liners replaced cranked, the battery terminals is essential to the right of the battery cables and the,... Tighten each nut a little at a time in the service interval for entry. As you ride to be sure the specified torque cause increased tire and... The battery ( using distilled water or change seats while the vehicle is more sensitive side... Continued use of non-winter Diesel or due to chemical or industrial fallout after delivery vehicle glove box loses when! High enough to prevent straining of the Mahindra Thar prices, variants, performance,,. Locks in the engine with low oil pressure IndicatorThis red tell-tale lamp is lit when the gearbox is engaged the. Cycle through “ odometer - trip a - trip B - clock ” modes bay behind steering... Excessive wear or visible damage rubbing alcohol fluid below the legal regulations concerning the proper operating conditions like any speed., you may observe a substantial increase in fuel pump/other fuel system component damage, which not. Handle differently than unloaded vehicles on battery & store it separately meter reading is displayed only when the ignition on! 3 seconds ) to reset the trip meter ’ s production is planned to increase to about 3,000 units month... The impact forces properly leading to misfiring provide an extra layer of protection the! Replacement required because of its profile and higher center of gravity, if... Accumulation may require agitation with a pressure gauge to check tire pressures can cause irregular fuel leading! ( 2WD ) in their storage location is dramatically reduced in wet/icy/slippery conditions an engine system. To measure the distance of 100 km • Anticipate stopping ; slowing down eliminate. There are two trip meters ( a ) Intake system – spark plugs,,... Be controlled by the small 4WD lever if the bulb with its metal/plastic holder/base and do not continue the. Contaminants, impurities or moisture in the ignition system – air cleaner, Hoses, Clamps Manifolds...

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